Striking lynx photo captured in New Brunswick

nature photographer lynx photo

As nature photographers know, waiting for the perfect shot can be a long and drawn out process.

Since November, Arielle DeMerchant has spotted this lynx on her trail camera set up near Scotch Lake, just outside of Fredericton. Having stationed her camera in front of a deer carcass, this elusive cat would return often to feed, and later to sniff the bones.

Her impressive DIY set up, including Tupperware and some camouflage paint, finally landed the shot she’s been waiting for on April 23rd.

“I almost had a heart attack when I checked it and saw it,” DeMerchant told CBC.¬†“It’s just that gaze in its eyes, looking so intently at the camera. It really took me aback.”

Thankfully, she doesn’t plan on giving up on her¬†photogenic subject, so we can hope for more impressive photos to come.

Canada Lynx close-up.

It's not often I get videos like this on my trail camera. Canada Lynx. New Brunswick, Canada.

Posted by Arielle DeMerchant Nature Photography on Sunday, April 2, 2017