Stranded sea dog “rescued” from driftwood

Published: June 22, 2014 · Updated: June 12, 2017

After a powerful storm in New Zealand, members of the New Zealand Navy came across a dog floating on a piece of driftwood. Assuming he had been washed away by the storm and trapped for days on the open water, Filipe Latu, part of the HMNZS Hawea’s crew, rescued the pup, leading dog lovers everywhere to wonder how he became stranded.


Norris told the New Zealand Herald that “There was significant debris in the water and on one large log floating in the water was this poor, helpless dog. I would hate to think how long he was there.”


The Sunday Star Times reports the pup’s name is Tiny and that he’s a sea dog owned by 20-year-old Ben Ngawaka, who works in the crayfishing business.

But it turns out that the mystery has far less tempestuous origins. After an area resident identified the dog, who’s name is Tiny, he was returned safe and sound to his owner, 20-year-old Ben Ngawaka, who works in the crayfishing business.

According to Ngawaka, Tiny jumped onto a log that the fisherman had stopped to examine en route to Great Barrier Island’s Port Fitzroy for supplies. “I just carried on and thought I’d pick him up on the way home,” Ngawaka told the Sunday Star Times.