Splash around with these 5 water toys this summer

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One of our favourite parts of summer? Lounging lake or pool-side with a good book, sunscreen, and a cold drink in hand. And once the sun warms us up, jumping into the water to cool down.

Swimming laps is fun and all, but we think the water is always better when you’ve got a few toys around. If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained, or take your whole poolside lounge situation into the actual pool, we’ve found just what you need. These water toys will keep everyone happy, having fun, and in total summer mode.

Photo courtesy of Indigo

Giant Watermelon Pool Float

We know one guaranteed way to get refreshed in the summer heat is to dig in on a giant slice of watermelon, that’s why we love this five-foot float that you can lounge on while you soak up the sun.

Yamaha Seascooter

Looking to zip along in the water? Grab this floating water propeller to reach speeds of 3.2 km/hr for bursts of 15 feet. You’ll feel just like a water animal as you splash around and show off your new moves.

Inflatable Games Set

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Blow up this three-in-one set for an afternoon filled with basketball, volleyball, and a little water polo/soccer action. This is great for a family who loves hanging outside all day and is always looking for something to do.

Floating Battle Logs

Keep the competition going while you try this balancing act and pummel your opponent—all in the name of fun and games. This set comes with enough equipment for two, but if you don’t have anyone to play with, blow up a log, grab a paddle, and simply enjoy a nice paddle around the water.

Slip ‘n Slide

No lake or pool? No problem. Attach this Slip ‘n Slide to your hose for an instant cool down. Kids will love flying down the 18-foot slide after a day of playing outside. The easy setup and takedown means it can come out whenever a heatwave strikes.

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