Snowmageddon 2022: a snow story in pictures

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At this point, you’ve hopefully managed to dig your way out of the house, or, maybe you’re still digging. Snow and lots of it remain from Monday’s blizzard which dumped up to 60 centimetres in parts of the province.

Some Ontarians embraced the unusual snowfall; using it as an opportunity to test their snowmobiles on city streets, tour the city on cross country skis, and even play an improvised game of curling.

Conditions were just right for cross-country skiing in many Ontario cities.

This thread from Toronto Star columnist Shawn Micallef is worth the read. He went for a cross-country ski tour of downtown Toronto and raved about the conditions along Bloor and Yonge.

While some embraced the powder, fidos everywhere were ill-prepared for the depth of the snow that awaited them in their yards.


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Some had instant regrets.

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Sure beats shovelling!


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