Slovenian ice storm transforms ski resort into haunting ice gallery

Published: December 23, 2014 · Updated: June 12, 2017

Recently, Slovenia got hit hard with 10 days of nasty weather. We’re talking strong Bora wind, snow, and freezing fog. Most of us would find such an ordeal something to gripe about, but photographer Marko Korošec saw an opportunity. For a nature photographer, finding the right location with the right conditions is critical. So while everyone else was salting their sidewalks, he was heading for the mountains.

Up in the hills of nearby Mount Javornik, the plucky photographer was rewarded for his tenacity with some awe-inspiring scenery. A nearby skiing resort had become encrusted with rime ice (to learn what rime ice is, click here). The wind and icy fog had created ice spikes, some reaching over a meter in length.

Korošec loves taking photos of natural phenomena, and had this to say about his spectacular photo shoot: “I love extreme weather and have seen a lot, but this was just above my imagination what I experienced earlier this week.”

Below are just a few photos to scratch the surface of this talented shutterbug’s portfolio. You can enjoy more of Korošec’s photographs by visiting his website.