See you at the movies next year

This summer, you may have read (in various news reports or here, on this blog) that small town movie theatres could be closing due to Hollywood’s switch to digital film-only in 2013. Well—cue the opening credits, and the dramatic, something-important-is-about-to-happen music—at least one cottage country theatre will still play all the latest blockbusters next year. Highlands Cinemas, in Kinmount, Ont., just announced it would switch to digital projection, and continue to operate four out of five screens in 2013. (The original theatre will unfortunately close.) The 2012 season, by the way, goes for only a couple more weeks, and the 2013 season starts up again in May. Read more about this news on the website here.

Reactions? I’m delighted with the update! I love this Kinmount cinema. It’s cool, as are most small, old-timey theatres. Some of these movie houses have been around for a long time—they’re landmarks. And quite frankly, they’re important to have in cottage country, in my opinion. The lake, the loons, and the roasting of marshmallows in front of the campfire are all great—don’t get me wrong. But heck, sometimes you just want to sit inside an air conditioned theatre, eat popcorn, and watch Nicolas Cage blow stuff up while he sports yet another ridiculous hairstyle.

So, see you next year, Highlands Cinemas! And, scene.