Seafleas are the coolest little boats in cottage country

If you have never seen a seaflea, now’s your chance. This weekend is the largest in-water regatta of home-built and vintage seafleas in Canada. Put on by the Muskoka Seaflea Club, you can see these amazing boats on display on Saturday, July 23rd at Rock Haven Inn on Kashe Lake, Ont. from 10 am to 4 pm. 

What is a seaflea? It’s a tiny, one-person boat known for delivering a face full of water and a rewarding experience—both on the water and in the workshop. They come in a variety of forms from the easy to build kits that only need a single sheet of plywood to full-blown racing craft that look like small hydroplanes.

Chris Taylor, one of the front line representatives of the club and serious flag bearer for the cause of Seafleas, believes this summer’s event will truly be unlike any other, with the pent-up interest and need for a bit of excitement. 

The 2022 event poster outlines a long list of events that will be sure to attract a big crowd. Beyond the obvious expectations of demonstration runs, land displays of all manner historic and new seafleas, there will also be RC Seaflea racing, building tips, construction displays, model boat building for displays and much more!

Outboard motors have always been a big part of the seaflea experience and this event will certainly not disappoint. Chris explained that his good friend, Ron Stevenson, of the Maple Leaf Chapter of the Outboard Motor Club, will be represented with his big tent filled with vintage outboards.

One item that should be especially interesting to see is the “dogs with seafleas race”. Chris has recently become the unexpected co-owner of 8 doodle puppies so the dogs with seafleas race will be well represented with canine drivers. 

The Muskoka Seaflea website has the latest details on the event as well as plans for building the boats, building tutorials, and boating tips.

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