Saskatchewan man captures video of moose running through field with three calves

Cow moose and her calves

It’s not rare to see a moose in Saskatchewan, but watching one bound through a field of canola with her three calves is still a sight to behold.

“It kind of made my day,” Dain Sorenson told CBC News. He recorded the cow moose and her calves running through a farmers’ field near Moosomin, Saskatchewan, about 200 kilometres east of Regina.

Sorenson spotted the cow moose sticking out of the field while driving by late Monday afternoon.

“It’s so yellow, anything sticks out,” he said.

After checking to make sure there was no traffic ahead or behind him, he stopped his vehicle and pulled out his cellphone.

That’s when he realized that she had three triplets trailing behind her. The moose stopped alongside him, picking up speed only as he let his foot off the brake and slowly made his way down the dirt road next to them. Eventually, they crossed the road in front of him and hopped the fence into the next field before disappearing into the distance.

Sorenson told CBC that he’s always looking for wildlife while driving around for work or helping out on the family farm, and though it’s common to see moose on the move, seeing three calves is unusual. After an eight-month gestation period, a female moose will generally only bear one calf, two if food is plentiful.

Knowing what a rare sight it was, Sorenson posted the video to Facebook and Youtube, where it’s racked up more than 44,000 views so far.