Saskatchewan couple gets married at local rink on Hockey Day in Canada


It’s pretty hard to deny Canadian stereotypes after you see a wedding like this one.

On Saturday, which also happened to be Hockey Day in Canada, a Saskatchewan couple had a hockey-themed celebration at (where else?) their local arena.

But no boards were laid on the ice for the ceremony at the Delisle Centennial Arena. Instead Brittany and Wade Peterson said “I do” at centre ice on a small carpet typically reserved for national anthems and other announcements.

Photo by Martine Sansoucy

“They just really love ice hockey, and when they got engaged they just thought it would be super neat if they could make their special day even more special by having it on an ice rink,” the groom’s sister Brenna Strohschein told CBC News. “I thought they were crazy.”

But when the big day came, Strohschein quickly saw how perfect the celebration was for a couple who grew up playing hockey and found a common interest at the rink.

Photo by Martine Sansoucy

When you see pictures from the day, you might immediately wonder, “did anyone slip?” And as it turns out, one person did—the bride. According to CBC News, she slipped just once on her big walk to centre ice, and she took it well, laughing it off. Based on the setting, we imagine she’s a pretty laid-back bride.

After walking up the ice, she met her future husband and the rest of the bridal party dressed in traditional formal attire. The marriage commissioner, however, was wearing a referee jersey.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen took a seat in some nearby chairs—to prevent any slipping throughout the ceremony—and the rest of the couple’s friends and family watched from the boxes, just like any team would.

Photo by Martine Sansoucy

But our favourite part of this “only in Canada” wedding? After the ceremony, everyone laced up their skates and did a lap around the rink. Strohschein called it a “victory lap,” which we think is a pretty great way to start a marriage.