Ready to trailer your boat? First do your paperwork

up close picture of a trailer hitch ball William Hager/shutterstock

Before you hook up your trailer and hit the open road, make sure you’ve got all your registration, plates, and insurance in place:

All trailers need to be registered with your province or territory’s ministry of transportation or equivalent. When you register it, you’ll get a title of ownership and a plate.

As for insurance, there are two types to consider: liability (which covers damage the trailer causes to other people and their property) and property (which covers damage to the trailer and its contents). While your auto insurance policy will likely cover you if you’re involved in a collision or cause damage while using the trailer, it often makes sense to have a separate liability and property policy. Why? Auto liability only covers the trailer if it’s attached to your vehicle. If it comes off in transit and causes damage, without separate liability insurance, you’re on the hook. And the auto policy usually doesn’t cover the trailer itself or any items on it—for instance, a pricey boat.

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