Quiz: How much do you know about Canada’s unofficial national beverage?

Canada beer

Canadians love beer. Sure, it’s a stereotype, but it’s also backed up by facts. A recent study found that Canadians drink well over the global average, and our drink of choice is unequivocally beer. A report from the Public Health Agency of Canada found that we drink about twice as much brew as either wine or liquor.

Besides being refreshing, beer is also quite fascinating. It has evolved alongside human society, and many say that we never would have reached modern civilization without its help. Beer motivated early people to cultivate barley, leading to an agricultural revolution, and later, the beverage was instrumental in getting people to meet peacefully and feast together.

So beer isn’t just a drink—it’s also food for thought. With that in mind, let’s see what you know about Canada’s favourite drink. Cheers!

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