Quirky B.C. cottage named one of Airbnb’s most-desired rentals

On a small island in the Strait of Georgia sits a whimsical, eco-friendly cottage, which was recently named one of the most-desired listings on Airbnb.

Airbnb is the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company. Its website features unique vacation rentals in 190 different countries, from reclaimed barns and old lighthouses to homes of famous authors. British Columbia’s “Unique Cob Cottage,” as it’s been dubbed by owners Alexis and Manny Lee, was the fourth most “wish-listed” rental on the site, beating out nearly two million other listings. The top-ten list also included a white seashell-inspired home in Mexico and a treehouse with a private pool in Bali.

“When people travel on Airbnb, they want to experience something delightful, something off the beaten path,” the company said in a release. After examining the most wish-listed properties by type, they concluded that travellers have “a penchant for fantasy.” With its clay walls and mushroom-like shape, the cob cottage fits that theory perfectly.

Not surprisingly, since Airbnb released its top 10 list, the Lee’s have been busier than ever handling new bookings. And for only $140, you can spend a night on Mayne Island too. But if you’d like to visit this summer, you better act fast—it’s almost completely booked up.