Quebec residents race against time to free deer’s head from bucket

In Western Quebec, a troubled deer whose head is stuck in a bucket has concerned residents scrambling to free the animal before time runs out.

The deer was discovered last Sunday by local resident Diane Leonardo, who pays close attention to the deer that visit her feeding station in Lac Simon. After initial attempts at rescue failed, She notified the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources.

Government workers employed nets and tranquilizer guns over several days, but despite its vulnerable state, the deer was still able to elude capture.

Leonardo reported that the deer continued to return to the feeder each morning over several days, and her husband has laid down straw to lure it close enough to remove the bucket.

Unfortunately, the deer was not spotted Wednesday night or yesterday. Ministry of Natural Resource workers remain on alert in Lac Simon, and will attempt to tranquilize the deer again the next time it is spotted.

While feeding stations can be a boon to struggling deer populations during the deep winter, this tragic turn of events is a good reminder to store unused buckets, especially those with handles, safely out of reach of local wildlife.

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