Police bust $1.8 million marijuana grow-op in Algonquin Park

The sights, sounds, and smells of Algonquin Park in autumn is a sensory experience to behold: the canopies of colourful flecks of yellow, burnt-orange, and magnificent red; the crunching sound of leaves piling along the dirt paths; the scent of marshmallows roasting in the distance, symbolizing the end of summer camping. Perhaps even the flicker of a doe’s white tail as it retreats into its heavily forested terrain. 

But what’s that other lingering smell—the one that is slightly skunky with hints of freshly mown grass?

If you were in the provincial park’s magic spot, that distinctive smell was $1.8 million worth of marijuana. 

Earlier this week, police dismantled a grow operation where they found morethan 1,800 marijuana plants, which is worth about 1.8 million on the street. 

OPP Const. Darcy Nicol told the Ottawa Citizen, “You wouldn’t suspect somebody would plant marijuana plants there.”

As of right now, police have not identified the suspect with the green thumb.