Polaris issues snowmobile recall due to fuel tanks catching fire

The Indy 120 is just one of the snowmobile models that has been recalled by Polaris. Photo by Polaris

You may want to double-check your snowmobile’s fuel levels before heading out this weekend.

Off-road vehicle manufacturer, Polaris, issued a recall for several of its snowmobile models after discovering that operating the vehicle with a low fuel level after long-term storage could cause the fuel tank to explode and the snowmobile to catch fire.

“[It] could create an increased risk of an electrostatic discharge (spark) inside the fuel tank. If this happens, vapours may be ignited inside the fuel tank, and the tank could rupture,” the company said in the recall announcement.

In Canada, 60,904 snowmobile units are affected by this recall, including the 2019-2023 models of the Indy snowmobile, the 2016-2023 models of the RMK snowmobile, the 2013-2019 models of the Rush snowmobile, the 2016-2023 models of the SKS snowmobile, the 2013-2023 models of the Switchback snowmobile, the 2018-2021 models of the Titan snowmobile, and the 2018-2023 models of the Voyageur snowmobile.

The company issued a similar recall in the U.S. last November for its Matryx, Axys, and Pro-Ride snowmobiles. In that instance, there were 30 reports of fuel tank ruptures, including 16 fires and one injury.

If you own one of the affected models, Polaris said you should immediately stop using the snowmobile and not attempt any repairs yourself. Instead, contact Polaris to schedule a free repair at an authorized Polaris dealer.

If you need to start the vehicle to get it onto a trailer to transport it to a dealer, Polaris said you should ensure the fuel tank is full. If it’s not full, fill it up with fresh gasoline.

To schedule a repair, you can contact Polaris at 1-800-765-2747.

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