Ontario brewer announces new beer with bacon


Hogsback Brewing Company has combined two of cottagers’ greatest loves—bacon and beer.

The Ottawa brewer has recently introduced what’s known as the Aporkalypse Now Oatmeal Bacon Stout, a beer made with real Canadian Pork. For every 780 litre batch of beer that’s brewed, there’s 13 kg of bacon—talk about the perfect breakfast beer.

“For winter we were thinking of brewing a nice smooth Oatmeal Stout and thought, ‘what would be better than that?’” said Paige Cutland, co-owner of HogsBack Brewing Company, in a report by Canadian Beer News. “Then we thought…’bacon—bacon makes everything better!'”

The company describes the brew as having “sweet caramel and roasted malty notes on the nose with a suggestion of the bacon goodness within.”  

Hogsback Brewing Company is a small brewer based out of Ottawa, started by a few friends. Their collection of beers includes a range of other cheeky-named drafts, such as the “Kilty Bastard,” and the “Fully Monty.”

The official launch will take place tonight at Ottawa’s Heart and Crown pub. For more information about Aporkalypse Now, and where to find this interesting beer, check out the Hogsback Brewing Company’s website.