Online fundraiser started for Saskatchewan dogs gravely injured in porcupine encounter

Injured dog with a cone and IV tubes

Three dogs picked the wrong fight in Saskatchewan last week, and the results were life-threatening—not to mention expensive.

The dogs were outside when they encountered a porcupine and got into a scuffle. One of the dogs, Mahalo, ended up with quills all over her body, including some that pierced her heart and lungs. The other two dogs ended up with lesser injuries, though they still ended up with quills in their chests and/or muzzles.

As photos show, their injuries were extensive, with a dense concentration of quills protruding from the dogs’ faces and chests.
dog with many porcupine quills lodged in its face

Mahalo required surgery to remove the quills from her heart and lungs, and vet bills were estimated at upwards of $8,000. A GoFundMe fundraiser was quickly set up for the dogs’ owner, a youth worker, and organic farmer. The owner’s friend, who set up the fundraiser, wrote, “These dogs are the love of my dear friend Dennis’s life. [T]hey travel everywhere with him and are loved by the special needs clients Dennis works with.”

Dog with many porcupine quills lodged in its chest.
According to updates on the page, the dogs are now recovering at home, though they will need to be watched carefully. Their owner has apparently taken time from work to ensure they rest and remain still.

As of this posting, $3,190 had been raised. The goal is $10,000. To visit the GoFundMe page for the dogs, click here.