Nova Scotian woman takes wildlife photography to another level

We know how much cottagers love chipmunks. So much so, that we were able to feature a new, cute reader-submitted photo of one every day for nearly two seasons last year. And as you can see from some of our favourite chipmunk shots, some of our audience was definitely willing to put some time in to get a funny or interesting shot.

Still, we have yet to come across a cottager that will do what a woman in Nova Scotia does for a photo of a squirrel. High school guidance councillor Nancy Rose has added props that include everything from a clothes line to a baby carriage to a play school bus. She’s since made calendars for family from the photos, and even sold some of them to stock photography websites. Here are a few examples of just how involved her set ups can get.




To see more of Rose’s photos, check out her Flickr profile.