Nova Scotia couple arrives home to find dead deer on their doorstep

White tailed deer

A Nova Scotia couple recently found an unwelcome gift on their doorstep. But it wasn’t a flaming bag of dog poop dropped off by the neighbourhood prankster—it was something far more disturbing.

Kierstin Comeau and Trevor Penney were both out on the evening of December 12, when someone—or more likely a group of people—dropped a dead deer on their doorstep. The couple lives on Highway 203, between Carleton and Shelburne.

“It looked like it was hit,” said Comeau, who also noted that it was likely already dead for a day or two.

“It stunk so bad and there was blood everywhere because of the way they put its head,” Comeau told Metro News. “Thankfully, my boyfriend got home before me, and he and his friend moved it.”

While there’s no clear evidence of who dropped off the deer, the incident is currently being investigated by the RCMP. According to reports, tire tracks left on the grass indicate that a vehicle backed up as close as it could to the steps. Based on the mud sprayed on their doorstep, Cormeau says the vehicle must have “spun out” when leaving.

Along with the RCMP, Comeau notified the Department of Natural Resources, who picked up the deer on Monday afternoon.