New study says women are more adventurous barbecuers

Bros, step away from the barbecue—turns out women may be the true master grillers.

According to a new study, women may grill up tastier meats and vegetables than men—even though more than twice as many men claim to be the top grillers in their household.

Commissioned by Applegate, an organic meat producer, the survey found that 73 percent of women grillers like to marinate and season foods before grilling, while only 59 percent of men do. Likewise, women are more adventurous and creative, and are willing to experiment with different foods and grilling techniques. In fact, 62 percent of women grillers will go outside of their comfort zone compared to 50 percent of the men.

So while the men might be stuck grilling the same old hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs for all eternity, it’s the women who will be grilling paprika-spiced salmon topped with a dollop of lemony herb butter, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers or sliced pineapple doused in brown sugar.

There is, however, one category in which men outshone women. More than 50 percent of men say they grill year-round, whereas only 45 percent of women like to do so during all four seasons.

Ladies, this winter, it’s time we invest in a good headlamp and heat-resistant gloves, and get grilling!