New minor league baseball team has the perfect cottage mascot

Canadians across the country may find themselves locked in a bitter hockey rivalry depending on which province they live in, but look no further cottagers, a new minor league baseball team in Colorado Springs, CO might just be the team that all cottagers can root for.

Formerly the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Class-A affiliate has rebranded as the Rocky Mountain Vibes. The new logo is the name styled as campfire flames on a tree branch and their mascot is—wait for it—a s’more.


There are several iterations of the new logo, including a sunglasses-clad s’more rocking flaming hair throwing up a peace sign (for good vibes, of course), a flaming toasted marshmallow on a stick featuring the Colorado flag, and another marshmallow with a bite missing fashioned into a “C” and an “S” for Colorado Springs.


The team will also sell merchandise featuring slogans such as “Don’t Harsh my Mallow” and “Get Toasty.”

Don't Harsh my Mallow tshirt
Get Toasty tshirt

The team planned to choose the new name by fan vote from five finalists (including the similarly strong “Colorado Springs Happy Campers), but before the poll was  conducted, the team elected to become the Mountain Vibes.

While unique names are not uncommon for minor league baseball teams, they also seem to have a connection to cottage culture—just ask the team sure to strike fear into the hearts of any opponents, the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders.

No word yet on where the Mountain Vibes fall on the age-old golden brown versus burnt marshmallow debate.

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