New Brunswick woman uses border collie dogsled to go through Tim Hortons drivethru

View from dogsled of dogs [Credit: Allyson Mitton]

During this cold snap, many Canadians may find themselves in a familiar predicament: snowed in but still craving a Tim Hortons coffee. If you’re the type who won’t let anything come between you and your double-double, you may be inspired by the story of Alyson Mitton, who got creative when the coffee craving struck.

During a winter storm last year, Mitton, who lives in Sussex, New Brunswick, came up with the most Canadian math equation ever: two border collies + no coffee = taking a dogsled to Tim Hortons.

“It was a stormy, blustery day and we were stuck in the house needing a Tim Hortons treat,” Mitton told Global News. The “we” referred to Mitton and her two collies.

Border collies aren’t usually sled dogs, but as the above video shows, these dogs were clearly comfortable pulling one. Mitton had gone sledding with them plenty of times before, and she saw a trip to Tims as an opportunity for the dogs to blow off some steam. “The dogs and I both have a ton of energy, so it’s a great way to get rid of that,” she said. “It was the perfect opportunity. It was a major snow storm, there was no one walking on the sidewalks, the trails were nice and slick.”

While the trip may not have been so unusual for Mitton and her dogs, it definitely got the attention of the other Tim Hortons customers, especially since she didn’t just use the dogsled to get her to Tim Hortons — she actually brought it through the drivethru. “There were a few people in the restaurant and they were all at the window,” Mitton said. “It was cute.”

Thanks to her dogsled, Mitton got out of the house, and her dogs, well, they got a little something too: timbits.

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