New Brunswick man’s custom-built outhouse stolen

When Morris Harris feels the call of nature, he heads to his hunting camp. And when he’s hunting and feels a different call of nature? That’s a job for his outhouse.

At least it was until a thief made a clean getaway with the 500-pound john, custom-built by Harris. A regular visitor to his hunting camp at Clarence Ridge, New Brunswick, Harris installed the outhouse in the middle of the bush where he parks his camper every year.

Harris told CTV he finds the whole incident very perplexing. “First of all, I couldn’t believe it. Second of all, I thought, who would steal an outhouse?” he said.

Harris estimates that the four-by-five-foot commode is valued at $600 to $700, not including reading material.

Harris is giving the thief an opportunity to come clean and return the outhouse before involving the police. He has alerted his friends in the area and posted a notice on Kijiji, hoping that an observant Good Samaritan will help him identify the culprit.

Despite being caught with his pants down, Harris will continue to hunt at Clarence Ridge in the meantime—he just might have to flush any thoughts of privacy from his mind.