Nanaimo man films epic buck battle in his driveway

Last Friday, Nanaimo resident Michael Scott had front-row seats to a wildlife fight for the ages: two bucks battled it out right on his driveway.

While coming home after lunch, Scott saw the two bucks eyeing each other on his neighbour’s property. Their eyes locked the entire time, the deer made their way towards the street. With tension building, the bigger of the two bucks rattled his antlers in a bush, igniting the fight on Scott’s driveway.

Scott was there with his phone camera to document the entire three-minute fight.

The bucks lock antlers. The larger buck quickly dominates, pushing the smaller one off the drivewaythen swinging him back, his hooves skidding across the asphalt. But the smaller buck is resilient. Antlers still locked, he pushes the bigger buck into a tree trunk, moving the tussle over to the neighbour’s lawn. They spin, heads down, moving up near the road. They meet at a standstill, before tumbling down the grassy knoll.

“The big old bull’s got ’em now!” comments Scott in a gloriously Canadian accent.

His commentary continues. As the bucks wrap themselves around a tree trunk, he exclaims: “They’re tangled now!”

And just as pressure mounts—it’s clear Scott’s money is on the big buck at this point—the two deer run off screen, the big buck chasing the smaller guy. And Scene.

It’s not known why the fight broke out, but Scott says he did see a doe nearby when the animals started scuffling, which could offer some explanation. Once again, the feats the male specimen will endure to merely impress an alluring female.