Muskoka Wildlife Centre shuts its doors


According to recent reports, the Muskoka Wildlife Centre closed as of May 1st.

Located on Highway 11 just south of Gravenhurst, the Wildlife Centre was not only a refuge for animals in need of care, it was also an educational resource, giving visitors the chance to get up close and interact with the animals. Home to a range of species native to Ontario, from owls to beavers to moose, it included multiple exhibits and more than 50 acres of scenic walking trails. 

However, the upcoming development of Highway 11 means they will no longer be able to operate from their previous location. 

“We have enjoyed hosting visitors at our unique wildlife education centre for more than 13 years and although we will no longer be allowing people to view our creature wards at our current location, we will continue to work with the private sector and government agencies for the betterment of Ontario wildlife in other capacities,” Glenow told Cottage Country Now. 

The centre is working to come up with an arrangement for the animals, as it’s no longer open to the public. While there are plans to relocate the centre, nothing is confirmed.