Muskoka chair installations at LCBO stores remind Ontarians not to drink and drive

Muskoka chair made from car scraps at LCBO Photo courtesy of LCBO

The LCBO is reminding Ontarians: this summer, if you drink, don’t drive. On June 30, four strikingly unique Muskoka chairs were installed at four LCBO locations across the province as part of a new drinking and driving awareness campaign. The chairs hold a poignant message: each was made from the salvaged metal of wrecked cars. No sitting allowed though—the idea isn’t to recline, it’s to reflect.

The concept was a collaboration between the LCBO and Hamilton metalwork artist Trevor McIntyre of Imagine Metal Art. The goal of the campaign is to show something that visually impactful, according to Vanda Provato, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, LCBO. “We approached Trevor. He had this idea of using the Muskoka chair because it is so iconic, representing Ontario and cottage country. Creating the chair from (salvaged cars) we felt was the best way to bring that message to life; if you see it it’s almost like a sobering reminder of what can happen with drinking and driving,” she said.

“While responsible consumption is important year-round, now is the perfect time to offer a reminder that summer and drunk driving don’t mix,” said Provato. “We have an important role to play in helping educate and remind consumers of the gravity of driving while under the influence. This season, let’s keep each other and our roads, and waterways, safe.”

McIntyre knew going from concept to final creation was going to be tricky. “First of all, I felt deeply honoured to have been chosen. It was challenging but exciting to take part in an initiative with an important message like this,” he said. “My first thought was, ‘this is going to be challenging.’ I’ve never worked with a medium like wrecked cars before, so there was definitely a learning curve. It’s an unusual request, but an exciting one, and since it’s for a great cause I was happy to take on the challenge.”

Each chair took approximately 12 hours to create, excluding the time required for McIntyre to sketch out his ideas and plan how they would be constructed. “Each chair is made from a different car wreck,” he noted. “So they are all different colours and have varying degrees of destruction. I also burned, bent and welded each chair to leave a personal touch.”

Almost immediately after the chairs were installed, Provato said people were stopping to look and read the plaque explaining the concept. McIntyre wants people to pause and take note. “Number one, I really want people to reflect for a moment and not drink and drive this summer. If you’re drinking, stay home or call a cab, it’s not worth the risk and hope these installations remind people of that.”

The Muskoka Chair campaign is part of LCBO’s Spirit of Sustainability platform, which supports safe and informed consumption initiatives. This includes charitable partnerships—such as the 20-year partnership with MADD Canada—responsible retailing practices and alcohol literacy programs. To learn more, click here.

Provato says installations will be at the select LCBO stores for most of the summer. We are working to find permanent residence with one of our partners.”

The chairs are placed at the following LCBO locations:

Toronto: 2 Cooper Street

Gravenhurst: 155 Edward Street

Huntsville: 91 King William Street, Unit 1

Ottawa: 1980 Bank Street

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