Mother moose and her two calves stroll through a Calgary neighbourhood

While returning to his home in Cougar Ridge, a residential neighbourhood in southwest Calgary, Jordan Engbers spotted a mother moose and two calves camped out on a nearby lawn.

While keeping a safe distance, he pulled out his camera and recorded a video to share the experience.

“My first thought was that some horses had gotten loose from a nearby acreage, but I quickly realized that they were actually moose,” Engbers told the CBC.

A second video he shot shows an even closer view of the mama and her calves.

Though moose are hardly uncommon in Calgary, Engbers claimed it was the first time he’d seen moose in his neighbourhood. “It was exciting to see, but I was nervous that someone could get hurt,” he said. People were putting out their garbage for pickup, driving home, etc.”

The moose strolled calmly through the crunchy snow and followed a path to a nearby soccer field, and police guided them safely out of the city without anyone (or moose) being harmed.