Metrolinx and Ontario Northland will now be providing Muskoka bus routes

Photo by Patrick Gilbert

In a recent announcement by Ontario Northland and Metrolinx, the transit services will now be running a pilot program to get cottagers on their way to Muskoka on the weekends.

This new service will provide Ontario Northland bus connections at the Allandale Waterfront GO Station on the Barrie train route and deliver passengers to Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Huntsville, and North Bay.

The service will run only on weekends—northbound on Fridays, southbound on Sundays.

“If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, leaving Toronto on a Friday, you know the value of avoiding congestion on the way to the cottage,” Rebecca McGlynn, Director of Marketing and Communications at Ontario Northland, says. “It’s also ideal if you’re inviting guests up to the cottage from the city, especially if it’s just one passenger.”

The service will begin August 3rd and run until September 3rd. Customers will not need to use their Presto cards. A single ticket, purchasable on Ontario Northlands’s website, is all you’ll need.

“With a large amount of ridership and traffic from Toronto going north, we expect the routes to do well,” McGlynn says. “We’re looking for success, and if that happens, we may be able to continue to provide similar routes in the future.”

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