Man tries to take selfie with rattlesnake, faces $153,000 hospital bill after being bit


Most people would be cautious, even scared, if they came upon a rattlesnake in the wild. But Todd Fassier of San Diego, California, had a different reaction when he spotted a rattler: he decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a selfie.

On July fourth, Fassier spotted a rattlesnake in some brush and picked it up, attempting to pose with it. The snake didn’t seem that keen on the photo shoot and promptly bit Fassier on the arm, rendering him paralyzed.

Fassier, who had a pet rattesnake at home, was rushed to the hospital where he was treated with 12 vials of anti-venom, depleting the supply from two different hospitals. He survived the bite, but now faces a different challenge.

Each of those vials of anti-venom costs $2,300. That, combined with other medical costs, led to a hospital bill totalling $153,161.25. Fassier was given a week to settle up with the hospital.

This is not the first instance of someone being injured while attempting to take a selfie with a wild animal—although it may be the most expensive.

The American National Parks Service had to remind the public that “Yellowstone wildlife is wild, even though they seem docile,” after a woman was recently injured when she attempted to take a photo with a bison in the park. She was the fifth person to be hurt this year after attempting to approach the animal.