Make the most of a lazy summer afternoon with this hammock-raft hybrid


Thanks to a clever invention by two men from Wyoming, you may never have to decide between lounging in the hammock or out on the water again. With Hammocraft, you can do both.

It’s a lightweight aluminum frame that can hold up to five hammocks and be strapped to a variety of rafts, giving you the best of both lazy worlds.

In the example pictured above, the Hammocraft is strapped to two inflatable paddleboards and filled with five hammocks, which are strung to the frame with a simple knot system. This makes it easy to adjust a hammock’s height or remove it altogether, depending on how many people are using it.

The straps along the bottom are designed so that you can attach the frame to the floaty of your choice, though it also works great on land if you’re looking for easy access to food and beer. It can be set anywhere, really, our only recommendation is to stick to flat land and calm waters, because getting in and out of a hammock can be hard enough when it’s slung between two sturdy trees. 

Hammocraft anywhere, anytime. An all season vehicle for new adventures.

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But the best thing about the Hammocraft is that it’s been designed for easy set-up and take-down. With the help of simple push-button connectors, it can fold up small enough to fit in a ski bag, so you can store it in the boathouse, or toss it in the back of the truck for your next on-the-water adventure.

According to Hammocraft’s website, the device is “the result of a half dozen different designs, tested, torqued, and tampered with.” Co-creators Bland Hoke and Bryan Carpenter have been building prototypes of the frame for nearly a decade. Now that they’ve perfected the design, they decided to go commercial, but they’re not selling it cheap. Each Hammocraft goes for $1,000, and you need to supply the hammocks and rafts yourself.

Despite the price, we’ve never seen anything like it, and can’t think of a more blissful way to pass an afternoon with friends.

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