Live chicken discovered in washroom of Cobourg McDonald’s

At one time or another, most cottagers have had the somewhat irrational fear of encountering an animal hanging out in the outhouse. Although it’s generally unfounded, that’s exactly what happened to a young boy on Tuesday. Except in this case, he was at a McDonald’s.

When the five-year-old discovered a live chicken in a bathroom stall at a Cobourg McDonald’s, he immediately raced out of the washroom to tell his mother, who quickly informed staff  working at the William Street location.

Naturally, they were a little thrown off.

“They looked at us like we were crazy,” Maria Scholz told the Northumberland News. She said staff were skeptical, but they followed her into the washroom anyway, and soon found out that the boy wasn’t lying.

Scholz managed to capture some photos of the unlikely patron before one of the fast-food chain’s staff members grabbed the bird and took it outside.

“It’s a very unique situation,” McDonald’s spokesperson Michelle Yao told reporters, confirming that it’s unlike anything she’s ever had to deal with in her two years at the company.

No one’s sure exactly how the chicken got into the washroom stall, but Yao said that staff later called the Municipal Animal Services to take the chicken, and officials are conducting an investigation to find out how it ended up in there in the first place.