Kawartha Dairy announces new ice cream flavour

Truffle Trio

As we may have mentioned before, we at Cottage Life think there’s nothing more delectable than ice cream. We’ll happily chow down on every type—from classic vanilla, to bombastic Death by Chocolate, to Canadiana favourite Moose Tracks—without worrying about a brain freeze.

This summer we’re especially excited to try Kawartha Dairy’s newest flavour: Truffle Trio. This creamy combo swirls caramel, fudge, and hazelnut milk chocolate truffles into a dark chocolate base for next-level decadence. If that weren’t enough, the ice cream makers at Kawartha topped the whole thing off with a thick caramel ripple. We’re already drooling.

Craving it as much as we are? Then come to the Minden location of Kawartha Dairy on the July 3rd weekend. Cottage Life will be buying everyone an extra scoop from July 3 to 5. “Baby” cones will be upgraded to the “Small” size (two scoops), and “Small” will be upgraded to “Huge” (three scoops). Moose FM will also be giving out prizes on Friday and Sunday. You can check out CL merchandise, hang with the DJs, and eat as much ice cream as your heart desires.

Truffle Trio will also be available all summer long at Kawartha Dairy’s retail locations.