Inventive Lego fan creates beautiful birds with leftover bricks

These days you can get Lego kits to build anything from a Star Wars frigate to Doc and Marty’s time machine from Back to the Future. And yet, there is still a lack of bird-themed Lego projects for avian enthusiasts. Gardener and tree surgeon Tom Poulsom got fed up with waiting, and decided to make some of his own.

Poulsom, a Bristol, England native, has created many beautiful Lego bird creations, including quite a few contenders from North America. In fact, his designs are so popular that 10,000 users on the Lego Ideas website voted to turn three of his best designs into official Lego kits. The first wave will be available for order in January 2015.

But why birds? Poulsom explains that “I have always been a fan of LEGO, and a big admirer of the natural world, rekindling my love for LEGO two years ago and building what most boys would build, cars, trucks and spaceships, etc. However, being a gardener and a lover of nature I wanted to build something related to my job. One day during a break from digging in a customers garden a Robin Red Breast landed on my fork handle. This was the eureka moment behind what is now the LEGO Bird Project.”

Please enjoy this gallery of some of his finest creations, and you can find more about the Lego bird project by clicking here.