Injured owl finds refuge with road crew in Nova Scotia

nova scotia owl rescue

A road crew has rescued an owl facing head injuries from a ditch in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia.

William Shelley and four co-workers were on the scene directing traffic during tree-trimming on Tuesday when one of them noticed the owl.

The owl wasn’t moving much, but the crew went to his aid immediately.

“We were like, ‘It’s alright, little owl,'” Shelley told CBC News. “A bunch of full-grown men treating it like a little baby!”

He said the owl didn’t try to put up a fight when they gathered around it. It was cold out, so they chose to wrap the owl in their jackets and put it in the trunk while one of them reached out to the provincial Department of Natural Resources.

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Posted by Will Shelley on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

“We were babysitting the owl, we all hovered around [it],” he said.

The injured owl has then been picked up and taken to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where it will be kept in an incubator for two days to warm up, and then it will spend the next couple weeks recovering before being released into the wild.

“It was pretty cold and snowy last night—he would have died if they hadn’t found him,” said Helene Van Doninck, a veterinarian and founder of the centre.

She admired the actions of Shelley and his co-workers for noticing the animal and informing authorities. She urges others to do the same if they come across an injured wild animal.

Van Doninck continues to explain that handling a wild animal-—even if it’s injured—can be quite dangerous and should be avoided, but because the owl was enduring a head injury and was in shock, it was submissive.

“What they did was the perfect thing to do,” she said.