Illustrator makes painted birdhouses for her feathered visitors

An illustrator in Maine is using her artistic skills to make birdhouses that most people would love to stay in.

Jada Fitch decorates her birdhouses with everything from framed portraits to mini-fireplaces. She’s even added in a tiny broom (a perfect touch for spaces where sunflower shells are regularly being dropped on the floor). The end result is tiny, cottage-like spaces that will make you want to kick up your feet and relax.

Fitch grew up in a family-built log cabin, so it’s clear that she knows the value of cosy, homey spaces, not to mention the woodland creatures we share the forest with. When she’s not building custom birdhouses, Fitch draws birds, creating beautiful, detailed illustrations. Her love for birds shines through in her work, which she infuses with a little bit of magic and whimsy.

She places her birdhouses in her windows at home, and she has captured plenty of photos of birds popping their heads in to say hello (and grabbing a bite to eat, of course).

Fitch is planning to create waterproof versions of the homes to sell via her Facebook page, so if you’re a birder with an appreciation for cosy living spaces, you might want to pick one up for your own cottage. As for the birds themselves, they may be in it primarily for the sunflower seeds, but we still bet they appreciate spending some time in real bird homes.