Iconic Bay of Fundy sea arch collapses overnight

One night it was there. The next morning, it was gone.

A well-known and much-photographed sea arch in the Bay of Fundy collapsed overnight, earlier this week.

Known as “The Eye,” the natural landmark was beloved by tourists and locals. It was located in Long Island, the only inhabited island in the Minas Basin archipelago.

When the tide was high, kayaks would paddle through it and when the tide was low, hikers would pose for photos inside.

It’s unknown why the tunnel collapsed on Monday night, although powerful winds, recent high tides and natural erosion could all be factors.

Harold Nesbitt, a local resident who lived near the sea arch, is saddened that it’s now disappeared.

“I really am upset about it. I know it’s nature and there’s nothing you can do about it, but I know that was something unique, something outstanding,” Nesbitt said in an interview with the CBC. “I can’t change anything, but I simply honestly cannot believe it happened.”

Luckily, the sea arch broke down during the night when the area were no people around.