Hungry moose ends up in B.C. grocery store

Only in Canada would you run into a full-grown moose in the produce section of the grocery store.

Last week, one wandered right through the automatic doors into the Safeway in Smithers, B.C.

While the event has garnered lots of attention online, for officials in Smithers, the event is hardly comical. According to reports, the moose had been seen a number of times throughout the city and had demonstrated aggressive behavior.

“We can’t have the public feeding wildlife. We could have had a very dangerous situation on our hands had that moose been trapped in the store or started to freak out,” Sgt. Kevin Nixon told the CBC.

Luckily, an employee was able to safely guide the moose out of the store with an apple, while customer Hannah Dehoog caught the bizarre event on video.

Unfortunately the moose, who was lethargic because it suffered from a severe tick infestation, died after it was tranquilized for relocation.