Here’s how Twiggy learned to water ski

Twiggy water ski

Twiggy the squirrel has garnered worldwide attention for her unique ability to water ski. You might be wondering, how Twiggy learned to water ski, or how she came to earn her now-infamous name. We sat down with Twiggy’s manager to find out.

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Q: How did Twiggy learn to water ski?

Twiggy learned how to ski as a joke in 1978. We use lots of repetition and she is primarily affection-motivated.

Q: Does Twiggy prefer slalom or two skis?

Twiggy doesn’t slalom very often! She definitely prefers two skis even if she occasionally stands on one ski.

Q: How did Twiggy get her name?

Twiggy got her name because she had the run of the house. She would run around and eat all the leaves off the house plants and left nothing but twigs.

Q: What type of squirrel is Twiggy?

Twiggy is an Eastern Grey Squirrel who was rescued and rehabilitated in Sanford, Florida.

Q: Can Twiggy swim?

Twiggy is a great swimmer. Eastern Grey Squirrels are naturally great swimmers and are often seen swimming across rivers in the wild.

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Q: What is Twiggy’s favourite food?

Twiggy’s favorite food is avocado.

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