Harvard students don’t have a clue what the capital of Canada is

One of our favourite games in Canada is, “How much do our neighbours down south know about us?” We like to joke that Americans think we live in igloos and believe our red-clad Mounties are the nation’s only police force. But deep down we like to think they know at least the most basic things about Canada. For instance, our capital city. And if any Americans are going to know the capital city, they’d be the educated young people who study at Harvard, right? One of the top universities in the world? Wrong.

In a video produced by student newspaper The Harvard Crimson, a reporter asks Harvard students a seemingly simple question: what is the capital city of Canada? The results are unbelievable. Popular guesses include Toronto and Vancouver, and it’s troubling to note that more than one person surveyed guessed the province of Ontario.

The one student who correctly answered turned out to be a Canadian.

Watch the video yourself to get the full cringe-worthy experience.

On the bright side, I bet if we asked those same students to name the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, they’d all get that one correct. Maybe we should believe the old adage that any publicity is good publicity.

Source: TheHarvardCrimson