Halifax brewery toasts Gord Downie with tribute beer

beer Courtesy of Boxing Rock Brewery/Facebook

Two Halifax breweries have collaborated on a new beer dedicated to the memory of Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie. The brew, called Courage (for Gord Downie), after the band’s beloved song, was created by Garrison Brewing and Boxing Rock Brewing.

While they expected to do a small batch of about 2,000 bottles, demand for the beer has been overwhelming and now, the breweries expect to distribute over 6,000 bottles.

The brew, a surprisingly hoppy Canadian amber wheat, is currently being sold at the two breweries and some private liquor stores. It will be more widely available shortly, making its way to other provinces, such as P.E.I., New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

“We did the best we could to spread it across the country,” Brian Titus, the president of Garrison Brewery in Halifax, told the CBC. He also received inquiries from across the U.S. about the beer. “Hip fans are everywhere, whether they’re expats, or people who have just picked up on the music and realized the genius.”

The project is not just a commemoration, however, it’s also raising money for some causes close to Downie’s heart. A dollar from the sale of every bottle is being donated to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and Indigenous peoples reconciliation. Currently, Titus estimated around $11,000 will be raised between events and general sales.

Downie, who passed away last month, left a lasting impression on Canada, and the world. It seems only fitting that so many people will be able to drink to his memory.

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