Grizzly attacks ATV and motocross riders near Cochrane, Alberta

grizzly cubs

Two men were attacked by a grizzly bear northwest of Cochrane, Alberta this past weekend.

According to Alberta Fish and Wildlife, one man was riding a quad while the other was riding a motocross bike when they encountered two grizzly cubs. When the men attempted to leave the scene, the bear cubs’ mother charged and knockedĀ themĀ from their vehicles, attacking until one of the men fired bear spray and caused the grizzly to retreat.

EMS and STARS air ambulance received a call for the incident around Highway 940 and Hunter Valley Road at approximately 8 p.m.

While one man was treated on scene with minor injuries, the other suffered from significant injuries and had to be flown to a Calgary hospital by helicopter. He was in serious but stable condition.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife’s enforcement division said in a Facebook post that the two men were riding through an area known as the Ghost Public Land Use Zone when they encountered the two cubs. The area is now closed to the public.