Government officials warn Albertans of vehicle-licking moose

Matthew Jacques

Earlier this week, Alberta government officials issued a very Canadian public service announcement, when they asked provincial park visitors to watch out for vehicle-licking moose.

Alberta Parks issued the warning on Tuesday for anyone visiting Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, which is about 130 kilometres west of Calgary.

According to the advisory, moose along the trails at Chester Lake and Burstall Pass have been walking into the trailhead parking lots to lick salt off car windows.

If one of these massive salt-lickers does approach your vehicle, Alberta Parks advises sounding your horn. They may seem like harmless animals, but the “recommended moose-viewing distance” is 30 metres.

If the moose is blocking access to your vehicle and you need to get inside, they ask that you don’t try to push the animal out of the way. For one, it won’t do much good. An average female moose weighs between 440 and 790 pounds, while an average male weighs between 837 and 1,540 pounds. It could also cause them to get aggressive, especially if you get between a cow and her calf.

Instead, officials suggest using your remote door alarm to deter the animal (assuming you have one).

If you do encounter an aggressive moose, it should be reported to park officials immediately.