Gorgeous video shows an endless skating rink in Northern Saskatchewan

Endless rink in Northern Saskatchewan

Northern Saskatchewan isn’t the most popular tourist destination in Canada, especially in winter. But a recent video taken by La Ronge local Ragnar Robinson reveals an appealing side to the cold and remote region—a frozen, windswept lake that’s transformed into a seemingly endless outdoor rink.

Much of Robinson’s video, which was filmed in December with the use of a drone, features Robinson and his friends skating along Lac La Ronge, which has been blown almost completely free of snow, allowing them to skate for miles.

“It’s super rare to have no snow on it and use it like a skating rink,” Robinson told CBC News. “Everyone’s pumped to be skating on it this time of year.”

Robinson said people from the region have really enjoyed the video, though he hopes that people who don’t live there can get a sense of what life is like around La Ronge, too.

“It’s great for them to share with their friends that don’t really know what Lac La Ronge looks like, what sort of things people do in La Ronge,” he added.

Robinson has lived in the region his entire life, and he says winter is big in the area. Along with skating, his video captures them dogsledding across some of the region’s smaller, snowier lakes.

“It just has a lot of great views and great places to go…there’s pretty much everything you would want to do [here],” Robinson says.