GoPro debuts new mount designed for dogs

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Extreme sports enthusiasts’ best friend, the GoPro, is branching out to a lucrative new market: canines.

The company recently launched Fetch, a mount designed specifically for strapping onto your beloved pooch. The harness can be comfortably mounted to the dog’s chest, for the “bone-chewing, digging, and front-paw action” perspective, as well as their back, to get the “running, jumping, and fetch” viewpoint. If you want to capture your dog’s full point of view, the harness can mount up to two cameras.

The harness is also fully adjustable to fit any size of dog—from your toy poodle to a big old Newfoundland—and is washable and water-friendly. Tethers keep the camera mounted so even during the wildest roughhousing, it will stay put.

And if you dream of turning your dog into a viral sensation, like the Labrador retriever Walter whose GoPro video of him sprinting into the water has already garnered more than 4 million views on YouTube, the harness is well worth the $60.