Gift Guide: For the high-tech cottager

Working on computer By Alex Brylov/Shutterstock

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You may not have internet at your cottage, but we guarantee you know someone who does. Gift them one of our favourite tech toys so they can keep up with the latest and greatest when it comes to cottaging. P.s. Don’t blame us if you all of a sudden reconsider getting wifi—these just might make you want to!

1. BioLite FirePit

This portable charcoal and wood-burning fire pit it is the answer for anyone who wants all the ambience of roaring flames without any of the smoke. You can burn up to four logs of wood for a classic campfire vibe while the airflow technology creates hyper-efficient flames, or throw in some charcoal and use it as a hibachi-style grill to make dinner. You can even control the size of your flames with an app on your phone. No charred burgers here! Buy here.

2. Tile Sticker

We thought it was genius when Tile came out with its never-lose-your-keys-again finder, but little did we know it could get so much better. The new Tile Sticker is a small, waterproof tag you can adhere to basically anything you find yourself looking for, so gift this to that person who always seems to misplace their things! Want to know where you put the drill after finally finishing that shed project or where your kids left the paddles after their canoe ride? Just go to the Tile app and ping it or find it on the map. Buy here.

3. Ember Mug and Travel Mug

There is nothing that says “cottage” more than a crisp morning spent out on the dock enjoying a hot cup of coffee while you watch the sun rise. The only thing that can ruin a time like this is when your cup of joe turns cold and you’ve got to head inside. Luckily, we’re sharing these high-tech mugs that will never let you down. Choose your ideal drinking temperature and the built-in battery will keep your drink that hot so you can enjoy up to 90 minutes (three hours for the travel mug) of uninterrupted caffeine bliss. Buy here.

4. Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Simply plug this into any socket and automatically turn your cottage into a high-tech hub. With the Wemo you can control any electronic device that’s plugged in straight from your phone. This is ideal for the friend who’s nervous about leaving their cottage and keeping the lights off—simply hit ‘Away Mode’ and your lights will turn on and off randomly to make it seem like you’re there. Bonus: Pair this plug with your Alexa for an even better experience. Buy here..

5. Wiser Energy from Schneider Electric

We love cool new toys as much as the next person, but this gift is on the more practical side when it comes to innovations in tech. The wifi-connected energy monitoring device tracks your energy use and gives you real-time feedback through an app so you can make ‘wiser’ decisions when it comes to how you’re consuming energy. It’ll give you peace of mind that you can know what’s going on at your cottage even when you’re out on the boat or even back at home. Is the sump pump running? Did you leave the oven on? You can stop worrying and just look it up! Buy here.

6. Bose Frames

Sunglasses and music are pretty much the two must-haves when it comes to an afternoon on the dock. Whether you’re lounging in a Muskoka chair, reading a book, or working on your tan, these are going to change the way you relax. Available in two styles, these Frames not only block 99 per cent of UVA/UVB rays, but they also work as headphones—minus the annoying earbuds. A very small acoustic package that produces the sound quality you’d expect from Bose, is housed in each arm of the glasses. There’s also a small microphone and multifunction button so you can connect and command all your music choices, plus even take phone calls. Buy here.

7. June Oven

Know someone who’s cottage kitchen is sub-par but loves to cook for everyone? This seven-in-one oven will be their holiday miracle. From an air-fryer to a dehydrator, you can tackle all of your foodie needs with this appliance. It’s small enough to fit on any counter, has a computer-controlled system for a guaranteed perfectly cooked meal, and even comes with over 200 presets, the ability to auto-recognize 65 foods, and an app where you can control it all. Starting dinner from the dock sounds like a pretty amazing gift to us! Buy here.