Frightening video shows why you should always clean the ice off your car’s roof

There are a few things that are guaranteed to give any Canadian the willies. Watered-down American beer is one of them. Converting to US currency before cross-border shopping is another. But a winter drive down a 400-series highway behind a tractor-trailer that’s shedding sheets of ice is about as scary as it gets.

This video, filmed on I-49 in New Jersey, shows exactly what can happen when a careless driver doesn’t bother to clean off their roof. The dash-cam footage shows a hefty chunk of flat ice flipping off the roof of an SUV and spinning through the air before colliding with the windshield of the Saab following it.

The Saab’s driver, Jeffrey Cote, who filmed the harrowing incident with a dash cam, said that the ice shattered his windshield and damaged his left wiper and mirror. Which is lucky for him, as these incidents can often be fatal. Amazingly, Cote had the presence of mind to signal and slowly pull over into the right lane without uttering any profanities. And while he’s left with some annoying car repairs, hopefully his video can help remind people to properly clean off their cars before hitting the roads this winter.