Find the perfect cannabis version of your favourite cottage experiences

Bring yourself right back to the cottage with FIGR 

A cottager’s perfect world is simple. Every season would be summer, every weekend would be long, and every 400-series highway would be void of road cones, construction crews, and other cars crawling to the cottage on Friday afternoon.

But since there will always be life beyond cottage life, our friends at Figr, a Canadian cannabis company with deep roots in farming and agricultural expertise, have helped us map out their cannabis blends against classic cottage moments—even when you’re not at the lake. Let’s go through them, by the numbers.

The fall cottage hike

Unless you dress like a sweaty beekeeper, a hike through the woods at your cottage during black-fly season is a bad idea. But in the muddy early spring or any time during the autumn, when the maples and birches are turning crimson and yellow and the falling leaves exhale their sweet-scented terpenes, a hike through the spruces and white pines of cottage country is pure bliss. Especially when you know there’s a brilliant sunset waiting for you after all that exercise.

Create the same earthy vibe when you’re not at the cottage with some help from Figr No. 5, a crystal-coated hybrid blend with piney flavours reminiscent of a Georgian Bay forest.

The perfect s’more

S’more ingredients are nothing special—the magic is all in the technique—to make the perfect s’more, you need an expertly roasted marshmallow. Start with a fire that’s burned down to searing embers (placing your marshmallow directly in the flames will only give you a sugary puff of fire), and then hold your stick-saddled marshmallow six to eight inches above the coals, turning it slowly like a rotisserie chicken. When it’s golden brown, squeeze it between two graham crackers and the chocolate of your choice, and don’t be afraid to get your fingers sticky.

Figr No. 10, an indica-leaning hybrid, captures the essence and nostalgia of this sticky-fingered campfire staple when you’re not at the lake.

The indulgent cottage breakfast

Part of the fun of cottage life is throwing caution to the wind and ignoring the strict regimens of city life. Gone are the granola-and-yogurt breakfasts of rushed weekday mornings—the cottage is all about good coffee, back bacon, and eggs any way you like them. And while health experts tell us not to “drink our calories,” no cottage breakfast would be complete without the citrus zing of a tall glass of orange juice.

You can get that same citrus flavour, with Figr No. 17, an indica-dominant hybrid flower with strong hints of citrus, along with earthiness and sweetness.

The “top chef” guest

One part of cottage ownership is inevitable: you’re going to have guests. And whether they’re close family or freeloading acquaintances, they’re going to affect how much you enjoy your too-short weekends. But among those guests is a rare gem—someone who spent their youth toiling in the kitchens of trendy Toronto restaurants, and who gets a thrill from treating people to their culinary talents. Whether they’re grilling the perfect rare steak or baking flavourful frittatas for breakfast, they’re a cottage keeper. We call them the “top chef guest,” and they’re the one person you want to reserve a weekend for in your summer calendar.

If you care about “top chef” craftsmanship, Figr’s Oil No. 1 and Oil No. 9 blends hit that mark. Both created by a master blender, No. 1 offers a 1:1 blend of THC and CBD, while No. 9 has high THC content for more experienced cannabis connoisseurs.