Find out which cottage country animal you are based on your zodiac sign

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One of the most beautiful aspects of cottage country is the vast number of animals that co-exist with campers and vacationers—and they’re all so different! Here is a list of which cottage country animal each zodiac sign corresponds to based on personality traits. Read further to find out yours.


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Although this critter gets a bad reputation for being a pest, the fisher also displays the tenacity and fighting spirit of an Aries—facing every challenge head-on with grit and determination. This is best seen when fishers are hunting or defending themselves.


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Not to say that Taurus are physically slow, but they definitely embody the calm and steady lifestyle of a turtle. Considered the “Buddha” of the zodiac, the meditative demeanour of the Taurus mirrors the turtle’s thoughtful approach to life.


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Not only are Geminis busy with their hands (they’re usually fast typers with quick reflexes), they also have incredibly curious minds like the raccoon. There’s no puzzle or obstacle a raccoon can’t figure its way through and you can bet a Gemini will do the same.

Cancer-Mourning Dove

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Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac and are often soft and comforting to those closest to them. Male and female mourning doves tend to mate for life and raise their young together, a notable trait of Cancers. Not only do they make great parents, but their soft, sweet looks hide the fact that they are strong flyers.


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Bears, like a leo, make great protectors, particularly as parents protecting their young. Leos are also both mentally and physically strong, an irrefutable trait of bears. But their most notable similarity is their ability to command attention wherever they go. You simply cannot ignore a bear’s presence.


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Much like the hummingbird, Virgos are timid in nature but their attention to detail and analytical minds make them swift and responsive. In the way hummingbirds find nectar in the tiniest places, Virgos often see details that others overlook.


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The moniker “social butterfly” suits Libras’ outgoing personalities, but that’s not the only comparison. Libras are ruled by the planet of love and beauty (Venus) and are known for their charm and pleasing demeanour. Have you ever seen a butterfly that couldn’t be described as beautiful?


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Although both snakes and Scorpios are often misjudged, their most notable similarity is in their ability to shed their “skin”. Snakes do this in a more literal sense, while Scorpios shed old personas, growing into better versions of themselves.


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The eagle soars high in the sky with a viewpoint that allows them to see the bigger picture. The same can be said of Sagittarians, whose philosophical minds easily grasp wide-ranging topics. Sagittarians and eagles both remain aloft, swooping into action when the timing is right.


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No animal works as tirelessly as the beaver and no zodiac sign matches the work ethic of a Capricorn. These two are determined, focused, and driven to provide for their families. A beaver is persistent and not easily deterred in building a secure home—the same can be said for the ambitious Capricorn.

Aquarius-Honey Bees

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Honey bees are very intelligent and great providers, just like Aquarians. Honey bees also work as part of a larger purpose, gracing us with the gift of honey. Similarly, Aquarians tend to be humanitarians, concerned with making the world a better place.

Pisces-River Otter

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Pisceans—a water sign—flow freely through life like the river otter who swims with both ease and grace. The river otter is a playful and mysterious creature who might seem elusive but is actually quite active and social, especially at night. Pisceans are similar, initially coming across as shy, but turning out to be fun and social once you get to know them.

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