Father and son rescued after getting lost hiking in Nova Scotia

A father and son have been rescued after getting lost hiking in Cape Split Provincial Park Reserve in Nova Scotia.

The 50-year-old father and 22-year-old son departed for their hike at around 11 a.m. last weekend. When they hadn’t returned at midnight, the man’s wife alerted authorities.

The RCMP enlisted the Valley Search and Rescue to help in the investigation. By 3 a.m., Steve Best, the organization’s search director, and his crew were in the park looking for the two men. The Canning Fire Department was also on the scene to help. In total, 40 people were involved in the rescue operation.

The crews searched on foot because rocky three-foot waves and thick fog prevented them from using boats or helicopters. Two hours later, the searchers smelled a bonfire in the distance and found the father and son by the beach.

Although the pair were new to the province and had never hiked Cape Split before, Best says they made a lot of smart choices that kept them safe.

“They took the path less travelled, they made good decisions.” Best said in an interview with Metro News. “The father recognized the tide line and found a safe spot up above it.”

In the end, Best says it “was a success story.” And it certainly makes for a different kind of father-and-son bonding experience.

Cape Split overlooks the Bay of Fundy and is a popular hiking and picnicking spot. The main trail is eight kilometres one way and takes around four to five hours to complete.