Every cottager’s worst nightmare caught on film

Warning: The video below contains foul language (as any cottage owner might expect).

Craig Milton was visiting his sister and brother-in-law’s cottage in McDougall, Ontario, when he heard his name being screamed in the middle of the night. When he stumbled out of the trailer he was sleeping in, the cottage was engulfed in flames.

With not much to do but watch the fire consume the cottage while they waited for the fire department, Craig filmed over ten minutes of video and uploaded it to YouTube under the title “We were having fun till the cottage burned down.”

Apparently everyone made it out safely, but the loss is still devastating. “My sister and brother-in-law lost everything this weekend,” he wrote on Facebook. “Their home and all their possessions were reduced to ash.”

It goes without saying that protecting your cottage from fires should be a first priority. Read more about fire-safety tips here.

(Via Craig Milton)